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Canon Authorized Service Location

Your equipment will be serviced by Canon Factory Certified Technicians, using state-of-the-art technology, to help ensure your hardware continues to withstand the rigors of production-level scanning, while maintaining high-speed, high-quality imaging.

When it comes to warranty or out-of-warranty repairs our Canon Factory Certified Technicians offers unparalleled expertise. CanonASC warrants that all services will be performed in a professional manner and your equipment restored to manufacturer standards using only genuine parts and consumables.



Genuine Canon Parts

CANON has poured all the Know How of its extraordinary history of developing innovative office machines into each of its scanner. The same superiority of design and manufacture goes into all of the CANON-branded imaging supplies and parts for this equipment. Naturally, no-one makes better parts and supplies for CANON products than CANON.

CANON puts its name on its parts and supplies because it stands behind their quality and performance. Each of the parts and supplies CANON makes for its office equipment products is a key part of the whole, carefully designed machine, which has been expertly engineered to provide top performance, reliability, and optimum output.


Quality Control Seal

Quality Controlled Repair

If your scanner breaks, we not only fix it, we ensure the repairs we make will last your business a long time. We perform Quality Control testing on our repaired scanners; every single unit repaired at Canon Authorized Service Center is tested by a factory-trained technicians before it is shipped back to you.

At CanonASC, we understand your frustrations when your important inventory equipment breaks and also realize the hesitations of entrusting expensive equipment for repair. When you come to CanonASC, we assure your product will be handled by the most experienced technicians in the industry backed by our Canon-Certified repairs standard.

Depot Process Overview

Unit Repair and Return Service

Depot Service includes spare parts, labor and shipping back to Customer for verified hardware failures. Service is available across the United States. Service will be provided between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. PST, Monday through Friday (excluding holidays). Depot Service does not include preventative maintenance, consumables and cleaning materials, troubleshooting of software configuration, applications or set-up.

Obtaining Service

In the event of a hardware failure, Service Center Technician (SCT) will assist the Customer in resolving the problem remotely. Customer must provide SCT with the product model number, part number, serial number and a description of the problem. Customer may be asked to run some simple, self-diagnostic tests and report the resulting status and error code messages. This will assist SCT in determining if the problem is the scanner or another component of Customer’s system and if the problem can be resolved remotely. After SCT verifies a hardware problem, a service call will be initiated. SCT will open a Depot service call and provide instructions to ship the product to Canon Authorized Service Center.

Scanner Repaired Process

Upon receipt of the product, Canon Authorized Service Center will diagnose your scanner. The repaired product will be shipped back to Customer within five (5) business days of completed repair. Repair duration may vary based on availability of parts. Your service ticket will be updated throughout the repair process. Customer approval may be required between each set.

Scanner Diagnosis Charge / No Trouble Found

If upon inspection of the defective scanner it is determined that the scanner is not defective, Customer will not be billed beyond the (SDC) for that scanner. If upon inspection of the defective scanner it is determined that the problem is caused by user maintainable items (consumables), Customer will be given the option to purchase applicable consumables on top of the regular SDC.

Services Not Covered

Service does not include the following:

  • Electrical work external to the product, repair or replacement of product or increased service time required due to casualty, accident, damage, acts of God, transportation, missing parts, neglect, misuse or abuse, operator error, failure of proper management or supervision, unsuitable physical operating environment, use of supplies or accessories not approved by Canon
  • Service in connection with the installation, discontinuance or removal of the product.
  • Any service and/or parts replacement resulting from fraud, tampering, misuse or the uses of counterfeit components, assemblies or modules.
  • Accessories or missing parts, supplies, consumables and expendable items, or problems caused by those items identified as being the user’s responsibility in the Periodic Routine Maintenance chapter of the User’s Manual, nor does it cover relocation services, systems engineering services, programming, reinstallation of user operating systems or applications software, reconstruction of date, operational procedures due to any sort of failure to implement the most current software releases.

Please refer to the Limited Warranty and Services Guide for full details of all service programs and warranty.

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